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SWC Canada Inc. is a Nationwide Storm Water Management System Inspection & Maintenance Company.

With thousands of storm water management systems being specified by engineers and installed with Storm Water Retention / Detention and Quality structures utilized. There was a gap in the industry as all of the systems being specified and installed require Inspection and Maintenance as per the manufactures and local Government Guidelines.

Founded in 2006 as the underground storm water quality/quantity market started to flourish in Canada, SWC Canada Inc. was created to fill the need in the market place to be Proactive vs Reactive company when it comes to your Storm Water Discharge Responsibilities.

Changes by the federal/provincial governments over the past several years have now created a statutory need for both public and private owners to permanently manage the post construction storm water discharge from their location.

SWC Canada Inc. serves a variety of clients and markets, both large and small including: Developers and Engineers, Industrial/Retail Commercial Land Owners, Property Managers, Municipalities, Towns and Cities.

Our Commitment to our clients

At SWC Canada Inc. our goal is to assist Developers, Property Managers and Engineers with scheduled Inspections, Reports, Maintenance and Repairs in order to meet local Storm Water Compliance Regulations across Canada.

Our Commitment to the environment

SWC Canada Inc. is fully committed to ensuring our environment remains in pristine conditions. On every project that SWC works on, we follow all municipal and federal regulations to ensure proper clean up. Large or small, every project is treated with the care of the environment in mind.

Stormwater Compliance Regulations

Provincial and Municipal governments require maintenance of storm water treatment systems to ensure that water quality/quantity standards are consistent with design specifications over time. All stormwater treatment systems - whether natural or manufactured - require maintenance. Failure to maintain a stormwater treatment system may result in fines, loss of business, or more severe penalties to the owner.

If a stormwater management system is not inspected annually, you don’t know when it needs to be serviced. It may eventually cease to perform the environmental function for which it was designed, and you may risk a discharge and the subsequent costs of environmental cleanup.

SWC Scheduled inspections fulfil your obligations in the environmental section of your Storm Water Permit. Inspections by qualified SWC Canada specialists will both ensure that your program is cost-effective and reduce your risk of discharge. Typically, one site inspection annually for a minimum of three years will provide the data necessary to establish a maintenance program based on need.



About us

Philip Brower

Managing Director

Philip Brower

Managing Director

Philip Brower

Managing Director



SWC Canada Inc. serves many different types of clients and markets, both large and small including: Developers and Engineers, Industrial Commercial Land Owners, Property Managers, Municipalities, Towns and Cities. At SWC Canada, our goal is to assist companies across Canada in meeting local Storm Water Compliance Regulations.


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