Underground retention/detention systems

Chamber Systems provide a cost effective alternative to above ground ponds for detention, retention and infiltration applications. They collect and store the stormwater underground until the soil is able to accept it back into the ground. Puddles and saturated soil are eliminated as water is diverted into the chamber and recharged into the ground.

SWC Canada Inc. provides inspection, maintenance and repair services for underground retention/detention systems such as (but not limited to):

Stormtech chambers

‍Designed primarily to be used under parking lots, roadways and heavy earth loads for commercial, turf and municipal applications.

Cultec Chambers

Lightweight and easily transported by hand, they are ideal to install in tight areas or where minimal site disturbance is desired. Cultec Chambers may used in residential applications to control rainwater collected from gutters and/or catch basins.

ADS/hdpe pipe systems

Easy-handling lightweight construction, high resistance to corrosion and abrasion and the strength and durability to withstand severe loading conditions, ADS pipe is frequently used for applications in agriculture, mining, forestry, recreation and civil engineered construction projects.

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