Risk Management & Compliance Services


Ensuring your property is in compliance with municipal regulations, reducing your risk of expensive clean-up and/or fines.

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Regular maintenance of underground water systems results optimum performance with fewer repairs.

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Ponds, swales and infiltration galleries - for best practice and natural aethetics, above ground water systems need care too.

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For all storm water systems, structures and brands - ensuring your property is functioning properly and safely.

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Underground Retention/ Detention Systems


Chamber Systems provide a cost effective alternative to above ground ponds for detention, retention and infiltration applications. They collect and store the stormwater underground until the soil is able to accept it back into the ground. Puddles and saturated soil are eliminated as water is diverted into the chamber and recharged into the ground.

Oil Grit Separators/ water quality structures


Oil grit separators and water quality structures consist of one or more chambers that remove sediment, screen debris, and separate oil from stormwater. They are particularly well suited to capture particulates and hydrocarbons from small, highly impervious areas such as residential townhouse and apartment parking lots, loading and parking areas at commercial facilities and gas stations.

Inlet/Outlet Control Structures


Inlet and Outlet Structures are water control devices that can be very simple structural units or sophisticated mechanical systems , Both requiring regular maintenance to ensure proper functionality.

(LID) Low Impact Development Practices


LID practices are those applied to minimize runoff at source, where rain falls. Examples include increased pervious cover, disconnection of impervious areas from the storm sewer system, cisterns for collection of roof runoff, grassed swales, green roofs, ponds and bio-retention areas.

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