Oil grit separators/water quality structures

Oil and grit separators consist of one or more chambers that remove sediment, screen debris, and separate oil from stormwater. They are particularly well suited to capture particulates and hydrocarbons from small, highly impervious areas such as residential townhouse and apartment parking lots, loading and parking areas at commercial facilities and gas stations.

SWC Canada Inc. provides inspection, maintenance and repair services for oil and grit separators such as (but not limited to):


A stormceptor is an oil grit separator/hydrodynamic separator designed to protect waterways from hazardous material spills and stormwater pollution, including suspended sediment, free oils, floatables and other pollutants that attach to particles.


The Vortechs™ system is a high-performance gross pollutant trap that effectively removes fine sediment, oil and grease and floating and sinking debris. Its swirl concentrator and flow controls work together to minimize turbulence and provide stable storage of captured pollutants.

Contech CDS Water Quality Units

The CDS hydrodynamic separator uses swirl concentration and continuous deflective separation to screen, separate and trap trash, debris, sediment and hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff. CDS captures and retains 100% of floatables and neutrally buoyant debris 2.4mm or larger, effectively removes sediment and is the only non-blocking screening technology available in a stormwater treatment device. The proper operation and maintenance of the CDS unit are essential to demonstrate your compliance with local, state and federal water pollution control requirements.

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